Making furnishings really is not hard—
communicating about making furnishings really is!


Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a maze attempting to bring your design concept to life?

A great deal of this frustration comes from a few inherent properties of the modern furniture industry:

Prevalence of off-shore production
  • Even those that say they are producing in the United States are often manufacturing components overseas and ASSEMBLING here. Too often they are trying to make what they have work for what you need.
Simplicity Seating takes the raw inputs and shapes them to your order, giving you unparalleled freedom.


Many degrees of separation between you and the plant floor
  • emember the telephone game where a message is passed along through a group from ear to ear? Meaning gets lost in translation – and the more people it passes through the more loss there is.
At Simplicity the plant floor is never more than two steps away from you – and often less than that. This helps us communicate more effectively and more quickly so we can get to the heart of the information we need to realize your custom creation.

Loss of skill, experience and knowledge in the industry
  • Custom orders present special challenges that can often only be addressed quickly through experience. Unfortunately, as the furniture industry has declined in the United States, the ranks of those who know what it takes to build your furnishings have dwindled. ..
Simplicity is blessed to have not only an extensive and active engineering archive of past designs, but—and even more important—one of the most skilled and experienced teams of people left in the industry today.